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Introduction to Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is a shockwave-based, massively multiplayer, collectible trading card game.  It has a worldwide userbase that counts easily in the hundreds of thousands of players, with thousands online at any given time, day or night.  Easy to learn, easy to play, hard to put down!  You can set up an account, learn the rules of the game, and have already completed your first battle in a matter of minutes.  The game is based in the fictional world of "Clint City", a place inhabited and bitterly fought over by various gangs, robots, ninjas, pirates, zombies, animals, and assorted other freaks and scoundrels.

If you have played other types of online TCG (Trading Card Games) before, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.  The game is simple, yet challenging enough to draw you in to "play just one more game".  There is only one type of card, Characters.  They come in various rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare), various clans, and have various stats and abilities, but the base information is always the same.  You receive a "deck" to start of 8 cards (the minimum required to play) for free.  Each card has a Power and Damage rating.  Power is how likely that card is to overcome your opponent's card, and the Damage determines how much damage is done to your opponent when you win a round.  Cards may also have Abilities which can alter the actual fighting done between cards or the results of a round, as well as a Clan "Bonus", which is activated when you have 2 or more cards from the same Clan in play at the same time.

Attacking is done with the assistance of "pillz".  Prior to each round, one player will select a card to fight for her, and then select the number of pillz used to "boost" the Attack.  Once that is selected, the defending player will also select a character and then use pillz to determine their character's Attack. 
Attack = Power (of the character) * # of Pillz used.
If you select a card with 5 power, and use 4 pillz, the total attack is 5*4 = 20.

Typically, the card with the higher power will win (depending upon the game mode selected).  And after determining the winner of the round, the winning character will apply her Damage to the losing player's Life Points.  When your opponent's Life Points reach 0 (or below), or you have more life points remaining after all your characters have fought, you win.

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