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The Cards, Your Characters, and Their Care

When you sign up, you'll receive your first 8 characters free of charge. At each level, a character is defined by its Power (P) and Damage (D). Some characters also get a special ability when they reach a certain level.

All of this information is indicated on the character's card.

(1) Character's name
(2) Character's level
(3) Illustration
(4) Power
(5) Damage
(6) Ability
(7) Clan Bonus
(8) Clan Logo

Information here has been taken from the Urban Rivals website:

New cards start with a minimum of experience and levels.  Most often, the card will have only 1 level and 0 experience, although some more advanced cards will have higher stats when new.  Each time you use a card in battle, it will gain experience, up to the maximum level possible for that card.  Cards can have anywhere from 1 to 5 levels, with higher level cards usually having more Power (4), Damage (5) or stronger Abilities (6).  If the card wins her round, she will usually gain more experience than if she had lost the round.  The player who wins the battle will also receive a 100 experience bonus for her efforts.

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